Khai Loong Aw

I'm starting my Computer Science PhD in Fall 2024.

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I work on research at the intersection of neuroscience, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence.

Instruction-tuning Aligns LLMs to the Human Brain
Khai Loong Aw, Syrielle Montariol1, Badr AlKhamissi1, Martin Schrimpf2, Antoine Bosselut2
arXiv, 2023

We investigate how instruction-tuning affects language models from a neuroscientific perspective, revealing that it generally improves their alignment with human brain activity, with model size and world knowledge playing key roles.

Training language models to summarize narratives improves brain alignment
Khai Loong Aw, Mariya Toneva
ICLR, 2023   (Notable Top 25%)
arXiv / GitHub

We show that training language models to summarize narratives (i.e., deeper understanding of characters, emotions, and relationships) results in richer representations that are more aligned to human brain activity.

Detecting False Alarms from Automatic Static Analysis Tools: How Far are We?
Hong Jin Kang, Khai Loong Aw, David Lo
ICSE, 2022   (Distinguished Paper Nominee)
arXiv / Poster / Video